New residential complex in Milan

After a long administrative process recently completed, demolitions of the old building on Via Ippodromo 8 have finally begun to create the spaces required for the new building complex.

The real estate operation involves the construction of a modern residential complex to replace a degraded building with no architectural quality, once used as a residential hotel for Poste Italiane employees.
The location is in the north-western side of Milan, in a prestigious area with a strong residential vocation, characterized by the presence of large green spaces and sports’ infrastructures.
The architectural concept, designed by the architect Gian Maria Beretta, pursues on one hand the goal of finding scale relationships with the proximity building context, adapting heights to neighboring buildings, and on the other hand large scale relationships with vertical development of the city, with a residential tower of simple and rigorous geometric shapes, elegantly inserted in the lot and in the landscape.
The apartments are distinguished by a modern and functional structure and will be of class A energy.
All the units, from the two-room apartment to the large apartments, will be equipped with opened terraces able to perceptively extend the living areas towards the outside. The upper floors will dominate the Milan skyline.
The apartments in the project are 145, suitably diversified in the cuts according to the indications of the primary commercial operators of the sector.
Common areas are planned for the most innovative functions at the service of the condominiums, a large internal courtyard with a hanging garden and two underground floors with cellars and 180 garages.

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