Carlo Maresca, founder and head of the Group for almost thirty years, was born in Teramo in 1935, second of four brothers, and became fatherless when still very young. Born in a humble family, the widow mother had to take care of the four children with her own work. Carlo’s first employment was at the Public

Housing Institute in Teramo, in 1960 decided to quit his permanent job and move to Pescara with his wife with the dream of becoming an entrepreneur.
From the beginning the Carlo Maresca Group keeps on preserving and developing its values and characteristics that constantly make the group stand out.

Carlo Maresca le origini

Our group’s key values

Features imprinted in the DNA

Gradual and constant GROWTH.

DEVELOPMENT and enhancement of internal human resources.

CUSTOMER SERVICE, core of the company’s strategy.

Attention to PROCESS IMPROVEMENT. From the 80’s onwards, the most up-to-date IT tools run with the development of an internal software system and ongoing research in the improvement of processes and products.

TOTAL RESPECT OF COMMITMENTS with customers and banking system. This resulted in an excellent reputation and smooth access to credit even in toughest economic scenarios.

DYNAMIC APPROACH TO THE MARKET, diversification and innovation policy: from construction to real estate, from tourism to renewable energy.

DIRECT MANAGEMENT OF THE ENTIRE PRODUCTION PROCESS both in real estate (sites and buildings’ research, design, construction permit’s release, after sale maintenance) and in hospitality (from advertising to booking, from catering to cleaning, from entertainment to maintenance).

CONSTANT PROFIT REINVESTMENT in Group’s activities. More than 100 million Euros reinvested.


Group History

About Us



The Carlo Maresca Group is a reliable partner with management and operational experience gained in over half a century, passed down from generation to generation.
Each project is carefully followed in every detail and managed throughout the entire production process.
The customer has a single reference contact: us.
Carlo Maresca chi siamo

Maurizio Maresca

Overlooking the administrative, financial and legal areas of the Group, since the late 90’s he manages the residential real estate development. Maurizio firstly perceived the huge potential of renewable energy, managed nowadays together with Fabio.

Silvio Maresca

Since 1988 Silvio leads the hotel management and development. CEO of Bluserena Spa, he was responsible for the successful development of hotel business model, still under his supervision.

Simona Maresca

After directing the resorts business, presently runs the Group farm, the agricultural society Bluserra.

Fabio Maresca

In the early 90’s Fabio guessed the opportunities related to the development of large-scale retail trade, which he still continues to lead, along with the construction and renewable energy industries.

Tradition and innovation

Group's development areas

General contractor / Real Estate
General contractor / Real Estate

General contractor /
Real Estate

Retail trade, business and industrial real estate, hospitality real estate, residential real estate, photovoltaic and eolic plants.

Renewable Energies
Renewable Energies


Building and management of renewable energy production plants.



Manages nr. 10 4-star villages and 2 5-star resorts (11,008 beds) in the regions of Abruzzo, Apulia, Calabria, Sicily, Sardinia and Piedmont.



Carlo Maresca SpA


Via Caravaggio 125
65125 Pescara - Italy

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Company Capital € 10,000,000 fully paid

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