Through the SPV Blusolar Melilli 1 srl, which currently has a photovoltaic project with a nominal power of 24MW in Melilli under development, on 12.10.2020 we won the first auction called by TERNA for the supply of Fast Reserve network services for a storage system with batteries having a qualified power of 5MW.

Through the vehicle company Blusolar Uno Srl, the Carlo Maresca group has authorized a photovoltaic plant with a nominal power of 82MW which extends over 100 hectares of industrial land on the industrial area of Cagliari called Macchiareddu.

On 11/06/2020 Blunova sold the majority stake (60%) of the Greci & San Giorgio wind farms (total power of 48 MW) to the company EDPR -

With the wind projects of Greci and San Giorgio La Molara for a total power of 48 MW, both located in the Campania region, the Maresca Group, through the subsidiaries Wind Energy S. Giorgio srl and Giglio srl, was awarded the first of the 7 "tenders" relating to the FER 2019 decree.

The Maresca Group has started an important development plan in the renewable energy sector in Italy since the second half of 2018.

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